Aurélie Bayre

Web Developer

picture representing Aurelie Bayre, webdeveloper, a young woman smiling at the camera

In a few words

I speak French, English, a bit of Esperanto... and I code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript!
I am a front-end developer for the time being, learning my craft at Free Code Camp. I aim to become a full stack developer. As I love helping people, I look forward to the last projects of the curriculum: they will consist in building an app for a non-profit organization.

As a coder, beside Free Code Camp, I am part of a wonderfully supportive community united around the #100DaysofCode. We pledge to learn and practice code everyday to improve our craft. It is an excellent way to grow and adapt to the latest technologies.

When I'm not in front of the computer, I meditate, practice Qigong and T'ai chi, and I like to take a walk on clear nights to watch the stars. Always so happy when I have the chance to spot a shooting star!

Values and goals


I practice meditation and internal martial arts (Qigong and T'ai chi ch'uan, Yang style). My teachers are Nathalie Champougny and Jean-Luc Champougny, who learned with Vincent Lasorso (White Willow School of Tai'chi). I would really love to spend a summer in the United States in order to follow a course by Vincent Lasorso!

I love music and I play the violin. I was part of my University orchestra and I later played in several bands, mostly with a folk flavor.
My favorite artist is Nina Simone, whom I think was an absolute genius. I love how she intertwined Bach's melodies with her music. She had a way of traveling from simplicity to complexity that always marvels me. As a result her music is sacred, no one has the right to touch my Nina Simone albums! :P

Curriculum Vitae

(Coming soon!)