Aurélie Bayre

Web Developer


Here are a few webdesign and webdevelopment projects I completed recently, with a focus on responsive design. These are either side-projects or projects that are part of Free Code Camp's curriculum. I also keep a repository on Github to record my solutions to Free Code Camp's JavaScript algorithm challenges.

Feel Good Page

A side-project based on user-input, which returns a customized message and a random quote.

Geolocalized Weather App

A weather station, using geolocation, returning weather forecast and temperature, with a ℉ / ℃ converter. The background image changes depending on the temperature.

Random Fallacious Argument

A variation of the Random Quote Machine. It returns the name of a fallacious argument with a definition. Included: a function that lets users tweet their favorite fallacious argument.

Twitch Channel Viewer

A page that sorts out Twitch streamers, indicating wether they are currently online or offline and what they are currently streaming.

Wikipedia Viewer

A page based on user-input to return relevant wikipedia articles.