Update: my circus page was validated, so that means I’m going to the selection interviews tomorrow.

I’m really excited but also a bit stressed, but my friends on twitter and irl are very supportive and positive so they help me stay confident about the process. Also, there will be free croissants involved tomorrow at the presentation meeting before the interviews…AND I’ll have falafels with a friend just after the interviews! 😀 Nothing can go bad with croissants and falafels.

I’m just reviewing css stuff tonight, and also reviewing a list of subjects that I was asked to prepare (what’s W3C, Test-Driven-Development, Model-View-Controller…Scrum, Git…this sort of dev-world stuff)

In the past few days, I’ve gone back to JavaScript algorithms, and I’ve also kept on with Python because I really like it!


So these past ten days, I’ve done a lot of Python, which I definitely love. I think I basically love anything that involves playing with algorithms.

I also finished the circus page! I chose to use a parallax effect for the first time ever. It was kind of tricky responsive-wise! So I learned a lot. I used JQuery to show/hide paragraphs and thus use space sparingly. I also JavaScript to customize the user experience regarding the prices depending on the days of the week.

So my application is all set and I hope to hear from the school soon. If everything goes well, I’ll have an appointment with them next week. Or else, it will be next month. Unless they definitely don’t want me in their school! But I hope they will like my work.

My nephew, who is a minecraft gamer, would like me to build a website for his team. This is going to be fun!

Oooooh and I forgot to say: I have been accepted to a Google Developer Scholarship! Classes begin tomorrow. I will learn mobile web development.