My first 3 months at Wild Code School

Hello folks!

Well, it’s been long since my last post. These past 3 months have been INTENSE.

I’ve learned a lot! I did 4 group projects, 3 of them being Single Page Applications.

  • The first project was a simple HTML/CSS/Bootstrap site.
  • The second one was a Single Page Application developed in pure javascript, with a MySql database.
  • The third one was developed in hackathon, also in pure javascript, and the goal was to use an API.
  • The fourth one, also developed in hackathon and relying on fetching data from an API, was developed in React.

Although our campus manager has a lot of work, he is very attentive to our well-being. He also coaches for our job interviews, and he does it well! Our teacher is really, really cool. Besides teaching us JavaScript and React, if we’re still hungry for more, he can talk for hours about innovating web development strategies and cool things like functional programming.

We are now developing our final project, and this time things are getting real since we’re developing it for a company.  My team mates and I have the privilege of working with Black Moon Lab, a startup from Reims dedicated to provide apps that help build ephemeral communities (at events such as seminars, football matches, weddings and so on) Nicolas, the founder, has a very inspiring philosophy, both ambitous and humble. (He should do a TedTalk). So I’m thrilled to work for this company.

And we’re developing this project in Vue! 🙂 So I’m learning 2 libraries instead of one, which of course is challenging but also terribly satisfying. We are coached and supervised by Marie, an experienced developer at Black Moon Lab. I think she coud have used the facepalm emoji a few times when we started, but she is very kind and supportive. 😀

my team mates and me at a hackathon
Maxence, Florian, and me! (and Iggy our mascot)

My 2 team mates, Maxence and Florian, are totally adorable, witty and talented young men (I’m much older but they are kind enough to say it doesn’t show). When one of us spots a weakness in our coding/thinking style, we all look for a solution, find it, implement it, and we keep a checklist of common problems and their solutions. Working in this group gives me a kind a synergistic feeling, as if the three of us shared the same mind (and the same catastrophic humor!)

For example, last week, we swapped each other’s tasks because one of us was stuck on something, and the re-organization was very quick, fluid and efficient. I understand what each of my team mates need to function at their best, so I adapt my directives when I lead (and as a consequence, I don’t have the feeling I lead them. I just ignite the engine.) In some ways, each one of us brings something that helps the other two flourish. I’m very grateful to work with them.

Other things I did :

  • I delivered a presentation on quantic computers
  • I worked through a tons of codewars katas
  • I made a French translation of the #100DaysOfCode (I’ll make a special post about this)
  • I coded a pong and a snake games 😀

2 more months to go, and then, I’ll be working as an intern. This is all very exciting!