This blog is not dead!

Hello folks! Long time no see!

This long silence is due in part that I was not very well when school ended. A life-long friend of mine discovered she had cancer, and in two months, she was gone… This hit me hard because she was really like a second mother to me: after my parents, she was the first person to know that my mum was expecting not just one but two baby girls. My first memories are at her place. She loved us from the start and in a manner that was so respectful that to this day I am very moved that she was my friend. She just knew how I worked, she never pushed me to be more talkative or social or this or that, she was there even when I couldn’t talk or couldn’t eat, she simply was there in a nurturing way that didn’t need words to manifest itself. She was very supportive of everything I learned, be it literature analysis, music or programming, even though she didn’t understand anything of the latter.

So I was shaken to the core when she took ill and even more so when she died (mid July). Then school ended (end of July), and I missed my school friends a lot. I was also very tired from school so it took me a month to regain a decent level of energy (end of August). And I realized I hadn’t made the right choice concerning the internship that followed school. I had chosen a job as a data consultant, thinking I would like it as much as programming, but it wasn’t the case, even though my boss was satisfied with my work. So during the month of September I felt rather lost and empty. In addition, I had lost all ability to participate in the ongoing dev-discussion on Twitter so it was a very lonely time.

I had to do something so I decided to write a Twitter bot for the #100JoursDeCode. I did that, and afterward I started to resolve Codewars kata quite compulsively. (I was very bored.) In October, I started to follow Harvard-EdX CS50 course. I made a presentation about HacktoberFest at school for the new students. And I also prepared a demonstration of D3js for a JavaScript meetup in my hometown, which took place on November, 14th. Then I started learning C# and Angular for my future job, because, HURRAY! I had found a job as a developper. (More on that in a later post!)