Stay focused! A customized starting-page

Yesterday I started creating this  to help me stay focused on my priorities whenever I start my browser.

my scustomized starting page
a starting page to stay focused online

I made this page, hosted it on github and bookmarked it as my starting page, and Voilà! 🙂

There’s room for improvement, you can contribute on the repo.



So these past ten days, I’ve done a lot of Python, which I definitely love. I think I basically love anything that involves playing with algorithms.

I also finished the circus page! I chose to use a parallax effect for the first time ever. It was kind of tricky responsive-wise! So I learned a lot. I used JQuery to show/hide paragraphs and thus use space sparingly. I also JavaScript to customize the user experience regarding the prices depending on the days of the week.

So my application is all set and I hope to hear from the school soon. If everything goes well, I’ll have an appointment with them next week. Or else, it will be next month. Unless they definitely don’t want me in their school! But I hope they will like my work.

My nephew, who is a minecraft gamer, would like me to build a website for his team. This is going to be fun!

Oooooh and I forgot to say: I have been accepted to a Google Developer Scholarship! Classes begin tomorrow. I will learn mobile web development.



R2D33 Applying to a Coding School/Bootcamp

A coding School is opening in my hometown! Selections stop in December, places are scarce,  I have to hurry up and complete the application process…

This school looks so cool, I really want to get there. It’s called Wild Code School.

To apply, I have to design the css of a page and complete a series of Python exercises. So I’m getting acquainted with Python, and I love it! but then I think I like all kinds of code… Just let me code for the rest of my life and I will be eternally happy.

I’ve also been busy completing Hacktoberfest! I’ll be getting my first programmer T-Shirt, I can’t wait!!! 😀 My friends Hannah and Peter helped me on this. Hannah has set up a mini-cheatsheet repo, it’s a cool thing to help codenewbies.

PS: Check out this article on women & tech history (Peter just shared it on twitter) We were pioneers but were discouraged out of it when men started to understand it was brainy-therefore-prestigious. Now we have to get back in!


Milestone: my first pull request has been merged!

I forgot to mention this:

My first pull request has been merged! It’s an article on mailto links that I wrote for Free Code Camp’s guide.

It was the first time I contributed to an open-source project and I realized it was real work. It’s often taken for granted, when we consult wikipedia or use anything open source, but it’s real, important work.

Giving back to Free Code Camp that way was important to me. And beyond that, I’d be so glad if I could help other codenewbies to become more confident in what they do. Contributing ranks high in my list of priorities.

As a consequence, I was very happy when I read the merging notification! 🙂

R2D27 Calculator, append, sololearn

Followup on what I wrote yesterday: it occured to me that I was complicating things. I  don’t need .insertAdjacentHTML. I only need .append! 😀

Now the calculator displays the sequence of digits and symbols that are being clicked. Yeah! But of course when the sequence goes on and on, it overfills the screen div. So I will have to find a way to show only the last “n” elements.

I signed up at SoloLearn. I’d like to improve my JQuery skills. I have begun a side project, the main point of which will be a lateral sliding panel, and I want to do this with JQuery.

I also signed up at SoloLearn to learn PHP!

I like the teaching process, its flow, and the regularity of quizzes.

Unfortunately I couldn’t work a lot today because I had a medical appointment. I have an infection in my left eye which may be due to my eyes being dehydrated. (because of the computer screen, because of new, more insulating windows in my room, and because the windows in my antique car have stopped working…so lots of drying factors.)
It’s not serious but I have to take antibiotics and improve my working hygiene to take care of my eyes.

R2D26 JavaScript Calculator and WordPress Work

Today I worked on the JS calculator (Free Code Camp project) and with WordPress.

Calculator: I did the basic layout yesterday. So this morning was all for the javascript part. I wanted the digits to apear on my “screen” div when the buttons are clicked on. Of course, I thought of .innerHTML for this, but it has a drawback: it erases the previous content of the selected element. So I started looking for something else and found .insertAdjacentHTML. Will try it tomorrow.

I did a lot of things with wordpress later in the afternoon.

First, I installed wordpress locally to see how it works. I want to learn how to create and edit wordpress themes.

So I used this tuto: Setting up a Local Server Environment by Tania Rascia.

Then I started following this other tuto by Tania Rascia again: Developing a WordPress Theme from Scratch.

This tuto was shared to me by Hannah. Thank you! 🙂

Then I took care of this weblog, the one you’re reading right now. I changed the prefix! For this I followed this tuto : How to Change the WordPress Database Prefix to Improve Security (because I had forgotten to do it during the install! Ooops. :P)

As always, I had a little anxiety doing things that could have consequences (what if everything crashes?) But I did a backup and everything is working fine. I know it’s a built-in fear I have from my education.

“Don’t tinker with the computer, you’re going to break it” was something I heard a bit too much! And it has prevented me from going into programming otherwise I would have done it way sooner. I’ve always loved computers.

Well, conquering one’s fears is always exciting. I’m tired but happy.

R2D24 Regular Expression: Validate US Telephone Numbers

Today I solved the first advanced JS alogrithm challenge at Free Code Camp with regular expressions: Validate US Telephone Numbers.

I cannot recommend enough! It is very useful if you want to understand and test regular expressions. It was recommended to me by @BillGlover on Twitter a little while ago. There’s also this RegEx cheatsheet that is quite helpful!

What I learned specifically was the alternator  |  and the quantifier {}.
Say you want to find all occurences of this pattern :

0 followed by a space, followed by 3 digits (0-123, 0-987…),

and all occurences of a pattern beginning with 0, followed by an hyphen -, followed by 3 digits (0-456, 0-246),

then your regex would be:

/0 [0-9]{3}|0-[0-9]{3}/g

(g is for global, meaning the search will continue after the first match to find all the other matches)

I had stopped working on those challenges about a week ago in order to set up my website. I have missed those! My brain feels very good when solving coding puzzles. 🙂