Stay focused! A customized starting-page

Yesterday I started creating this  to help me stay focused on my priorities whenever I start my browser.

my scustomized starting page
a starting page to stay focused online

I made this page, hosted it on github and bookmarked it as my starting page, and Voilà! 🙂

There’s room for improvement, you can contribute on the repo.


Milestone: my first pull request has been merged!

I forgot to mention this:

My first pull request has been merged! It’s an article on mailto links that I wrote for Free Code Camp’s guide.

It was the first time I contributed to an open-source project and I realized it was real work. It’s often taken for granted, when we consult wikipedia or use anything open source, but it’s real, important work.

Giving back to Free Code Camp that way was important to me. And beyond that, I’d be so glad if I could help other codenewbies to become more confident in what they do. Contributing ranks high in my list of priorities.

As a consequence, I was very happy when I read the merging notification! 🙂