Google-Udacity Scholarship: Completed! What’s next?

Remember I won a Google Developer Challenge Scholarship?

I completed the course yesterday! I learned a lot, about ES6, Service Workers, IndexDB, caching… It was my first time using Udacity and I loved how clear it is. My only regret is that some lessons relied exclusively on videos and my learning type works best with text, that I can skim, skip or go back to. So a transcript would have been great in those cases.

The course was in fact so rich that I plan on doing it again soon. But for the moment, I’ll focus on honing my HTML + CSS skills and learning PHP and MySQL, in order to be ready for school. (D-35!!!)

I encourage anyone to submit an application to these Goodgle-Udacity scholarships, because you will greatly benefit from it.

I finished my second round of #100DaysofCode last week. I’ll start another one next monday! 🙂

It’s amazing to look back and see where I was 200 days ago. Of course, I have lots to learn, But I accomplished those first steps that are always huge, and sometimes stressful, when you begin something new. And I’m proud of what I achieved!

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