Hello World!

Hello World!

My website is ready (www.aurelie-bayre.com)! and I’ve also set up this blog.  Time to celebrate!

A few words about me: My name is Aurelie, and I want to become a full stack developer.

I’ve started coding at Free Code Camp  (<3) in June 2017 and I LOVE it. I code every day, tweeting about it with #100DaysofCode.

So far, I’ve been learning HTML, CSS, Jquery, JavaScript…and I hope to learn PHP and Ruby soon.

This blog will be about my coding journey, hoping that it will serve other people learning code. It will be mainly in English, and I may create a section with articles written in French (I’m French and I would love to help develop a francophone Free Code Camp community).

Beside code, I like to meditate, practice Qigong and T’ai Chi Ch’uan, and watch sci-fi movies about robots or time travel.