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D-19 before school!

I really can’t wait!

I’m saying goodbye to roles and responsibilities I will no longer be able to take.  (I have been a volunteer secretary/community manager for a nonprofit organization for almost 5 years)

Saying goodbye properly and preparing the arrival of the person who will come after me is quite a lot of work in itself, and I feel a bit nostalgic, but also happy of what I achieved there. I was the youngest there and the most in tune with the tech world. So they were glad to have me. I implemented a newsletter with mailchimp, opened a facebook page with another volunteer, took care of the attendees’ questions, found solutions for various mailbox troubleshootings, managed attendees’ registration, organized carpools for the events…

It was multiskilled and I am grateful for this opportunity to discover how I could be useful. It was lots of fun.

So, I’m in that intermediary state, between the end of something and the beginning of another.  It’s kind of a weird feeling!

I’m focusing on integrating webdesigns I was given by the school. First creation : the Fruit Salad website, mobile version. I’ll add the media queries tomorrow.

You can see it here!


a webdesign example for a fruit salad website
Integrating the “Fruit Salad” design – mobile version


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